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Supporting Ballarat’s Next Generation of Young Entrepreneurs

This week, Scott was privileged to take part in St Aloysius Primary School's ‘Small Business Master Classes’ to share our story, build knowledge and encourage approximately 80 students from Year 5/6 as they worked on their economic unit (and began to develop their own business concept to share with their peers). 

Speaking about the concept of Cheer Box and how it all came to be, it was wonderful to see such outstanding engagement, thoughtful questions, and excellent listening skills of the senior students as they took part in the master class. Hats off to the students and staff for being so welcoming and showcasing such high levels of respect.

As the presentation unfolded, Scott gave a few key insights into bringing a business concept to life, the challenges that can come with change and how Cheer Box combines the passions of his family to build happiness, self-worth and care.

Throughout his talk, Scott encouraged the students to not be afraid to “simply have a go”, explaining that many people don’t start because they are scared of change. He also spoke about not over-complicating things, explaining to the students that “sometimes we over-plan things so much that we talk ourselves out of starting something. It’s ok to give something a go and just start it and see how it goes. You can learn along the way, improve as you go and build towards a plan going forward”. 

Scott reinforced to the students that passions were so important and would ideally help you feel happier within themselves. He urged them to follow their passions, and to focus on building their business ideas and encouraging others, whilst not getting bogged down in what others were doing. 

“One thing many new businesses get caught up in is what others are doing. They take competitiveness the wrong way and begin to focus on what the other business is succeeding in and forget the importance of reflecting, analysing and improving their own business”. Scott helped the students to understand this by likening this failure in business to a time in golf where he used to focus on a friend's success and shift his focus off his game. The outcome… He would eventually lose. To give ourselves the best chance, we must focus on building ourselves. 

As his Masterclass continued, students continued to probe Scott on a series of mature questions about the operations of Cheer Box, the challenges faced with COVID and keeping up with an ever-changing market and economy.

At Cheer Box we are so thankful and honoured to take part in the learning of our city’s youth. We take pride in being proud Ballarat people and working with our community to continually improve. 

We are confident that, due to the care and wonderful teaching of the staff, the students of St Aloysius Primary School are in good stead to become the next entrepreneurs, community leaders and respectful citizens. We can’t wait to see them develop over their futures and would like to take this opportunity to again thank the St Aloysius team for allowing us to be involved in their great school.

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