Chocolate Gems (200g)

A vibrant selection of large candy-coated chocolate gems. A wonderful filler for party bags, or perfect to be enjoyed with a cup of coffee.

Chocolate Peanut Cluster (180g)

A deliciously crunchy combination of roasted peanuts blended with a creamy milk compound of chocolate.

Chocolate Speckles (180g)

Milk chocolate compound of 180g formed into circular discs and topped with a variety of brightly coloured 100s and 1000s. Each disc is approximately 5-6cm in diameter. A perfect treat to brighten someone's day.

Dark Chocolate Coated Pretzels (100g)

Knot-shaped, salted pretzels coated in a dark compound of delicate chocolate.

Sweetheart Mix (250g)

A 250g sweet combination of our favourite 'love' lollies to help sweeten things even more this Valentine's Day.

TV Mix (200g)

A blend of chocolate-coated peanuts and other confectionery, including bullets, malt balls and raspberries. All coated in milk, white and dark chocolate varieties.