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Introducing Cheer Box Zest Cycles

Hello Zest Cycles!

Do you (or your employees) struggle to eat throughout the day? They (you) struggle to take time out to eat and eventually tire, stress more and become exhausted or unwell…?

We’ve all been there. We know how busy work/life can be. But it doesn’t have to be that way… Introducing Cheer Box Zest Cycles for workspaces.

Zest Cycles is our plan to support businesses in keeping their rhythm, keeping staff fueled, productive and a way to show their team that they are cared for, and that their wellbeing matters.

With Zest Cycles, we work with you and your business to develop a grazing/catering plan that suits your needs. Whether it’s to provide a mid-week lift, celebrate successes for your team at the end of each month, provide that fuel in the lead up and completion of those big tasks/meetings, or simply to keep you and the team trekking along nicely, Cheer Box Zest Cycles is that nourishing and flexible option that can support you.


A wonderful way to celebrate and support staff in a time where it has never been so important.

Perfect for showing staff that people matter and that they are valued.


How to start Zest Cycles in your workspace in a few steps:

  1. Send us an enquiry using the brief form below and we'll give you a call to confirm and to help finalise your Zest needs and cycle.
  2. Once you’ve considered your options and approved the Zest Cycle we give you, we’ll create orders in our system for you and send you SMS reminders the days prior to delivery of your food, giving you peace of mind that all is on track for your team.
  3. Once each order is complete for the day, we’ll charge your designated card (or invoice your business for the cost of the order. 
  4. That’s it. Simple, yeah?


Want to see how it has worked in other Ballarat businesses? Read about some of our current Zest Cycle partners below (Names removed for confidentiality):


Accounting firm increases productivity and wellbeing using Zest Cycles.

BUSINESS NAME (Accounting) was feeling that their staff weren’t eating enough morning tea to fuel their mid-morning and afternoon work. They noticed staff were lethargic and often worked through lunch to head off early to collect children from school or to do other activities earlier.

Using Zest Cycles, BUSINESS NAME set up a regular weekly order of:

  • 2 x Assorted Fruit Platter
  • 2 x Assorted Sandwich Platter

The outcome:

  • Staff ate fresh fruit as a healthy snack more regularly.
  • Whilst staff still worked through their lunch breaks, they snacked on sandwiches whilst doing so and became more social when going near the food, building cohesion.
  • The business found that staff took the opportunity to ask a question of another staff member and that whilst not obliged to, staff openly discussed issues that were often resolved more quickly whilst grabbing their snack.


School changes culture through strategic thinking and the use of Zest Cycles.

SCHOOL NAME noticed staff morale was waning and that the focus had shifted from celebrations and sharing of best practice to simply addressing problems. They also noted that staff were becoming quick to blame others, deferred responsibility and that the culture was becoming more negative each day.

Using Zest Cycles, SCHOOL NAME set up a monthly order of the following to spend the last day of each month celebrating success and sharing stories of best practice:

  • 1 x Large Savoury Platter
  • 1 x Love Bites Tea Box
  • 1 x Seasonal Fruit Platter

The outcome:

  • Each day they provided staff with 2 hours to graze whilst they shared their successes and talked about how they overcame problems.
  • The business found that staff mindsets began to shift towards problem-solving when faced with new challenges, rather than shirking responsibility and blaming others.
  • Staff felt more valued by their leaders, stating that there had been a renewed focus on what we do well which makes us feel great.


Salon increases staff stamina and happiness through accessing Zest Cycles.

BUSINESS NAME (Retail) was struggling to eat on their busiest days and found that when they had a day off, they were exhausted and were battling to tackle a new week. 

Using Zest Cycles, BUSINESS name set up a regular, twice-weekly order of:

  • 1 x Small Savoury Box (On a Wednesday)
  • 1 x Small Sweet & Savoury Box (On a Friday)

The outcome:

  • The owner and staff had access to fresh produce, delivered to their door.
  • Whilst they were moving around the salon, in between clients, they were able to quickly eat something from the graze box and continue their work, increasing their stamina to finish their tasks.
  • The owner noticed a happier, more robust team. 
  • The staff felt a sense of appreciation and understanding from their boss.
  • The clients of the business were often able to snack on the graze box too, leaving them with a positive and fun experience with the salon.

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